The Team

Brendan and Laura Lee of DFine Fitness are co-directors of Munsters No.1 leading personal training centre and are both experts in the health and fitness industry. Brendan is an Irish Powerlifting Champion and also holds a black belt in Martial Arts. He is a qualified and practising Physical Therapist, a Personal Trainer and a KG Elite Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach. Laura-Lee is a champion Irish dancer and was formally an inter-county G.A.A player. They both are very passionate about training and encourage full commitment for positive and effective results.

Brendan Browne Ph.Th/PT

  • Personal Trainer
  • N.C.E.F Qualification
  • Physical Therapist MIAPT
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Kettlebell Training Expert
  • KG Elite¬†Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach

Laura-Lee Hickey B.A/ P.G.D.E

  • Personal Trainer.
  • N.C.E.F. Qualification
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Aerobic/Step Aerobic Instructor
  • Body Conditioning Expert
  • Kettlebell Training Expert